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The brown cow (big plans for the summer)

So I have been buying a good amount of parts for my sedan for the summer. I am doing some track days so I am getting my car track ready. Here is the list of parts that I have accumulated so far:

Non-power steering rack
DA master cylinder and brake booster
40/40 prop valve
(i upgraded to rear discs last summer)
full poly bushing kit
mugen rear trailing arm bushings
90 civic si front sway bar
new deep dish steering wheel
falken rt-615 k's
new sprak plug wires(my msd wires got old)

next on the list:
asr rear subframe brace and 24mm sway bar
F1 style side mirrors
5-point harness(for my passenger)
a new bucket seat for me( maybe)

I also have rear quarter panels to fix some rust. I may or may not put them in, it depends on the time limit. Hopefully someone can help me get it done real quick.

Pictures will come when I start. But for now here is a tease of my previous tear downs of my car.

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice plans and love to see someone else enjoying a banquet.

heres a pic with the motor rebuilt and the valve cover painted

I've been known to have a coors or six....
I like what you have going on! What suspension are you on, and what B series are you running?

The suspsension is Omni Power full coilovers. The rear right is blown now so Im looking to either get a new set or hopefully I can find some rears for just the summer so I can save up for the coilovers that I really want (kw Variant III)

The motor is a B16 that is a mild N/A build with 168 WHP
Type R intake manifold
310cc injectors
skunk2 composite fuel rail
multi-angle valve job
96 spec ITR cams
full exhaust with test pipe

oh and I also have an exedy 8.5 lb flywheel and stage 2 clutch. As well as an OBX lsd.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I've had nothing but problems with the OBX lsd.

I've always wondered if the price was too good to be true on those lsd's.

I had my obx lsd rebuilt before I had it put in. I worked amazingly for the first year or so. I have been noticing in the last couple of years its been slipping slightly. Its only noticable when I corner hard. I am most likely going to go with a quaife diff when I rebuild the tranny.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

I gotcha and quaife is always a good idea Smile

Yes it is. It is either that or if I stay with a N/A build I am just going to buy an ITR tranny. Kill 2 birds with one stone.. new tranny and lsd in one pre-built bundle.

If I supercharge I am going to stay with the SI tranny so I can have the longer gears.

That rear trunk lip looks perfect, what's it from?

I found it on ebay actually. I was looking for something like it off of another car but then I saw this one. Its just some rubber m3 style lip thats double side taped on. Go on ebay and type in civic m3 style lip. They should still be available.

Here are some new pics. The project will start shortly....

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Hell yes!  So many things I like about this build.

love the turn out  Very Happy

aaahhhh insane!!!

Is that a carbon fiber hood ?

It sure is a carbon hood. This year I should also be buying the carbon trunk. Gotta wait until I feel like spending the 500 on something that wont greatly improve performance.

New for this summer....

DA Brake booster and master cylinder
40/40 prop valve
Falken rt-615s

To be installed...
Si front sway bar
Non power steerig (if anyone needs a power rack mine will be for sale)
polyurathane bushings all around
rear sway bar( to be determined)
new coilovers( most likely Skunk2)
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sweet Smile


nice. isn't sedan front sway bars better?. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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