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temp gauge says hot but car isnt overheating..code 6 ecu?

hey guys...well i have this problem..
where my car showed a code six on ecu and thts why my chck engine lite was on..i researched it..said it meant coolant temp i bought one...replaced the lite doesnt come on BUT! on a hot day wen i turn the key to ready strt..the temp shoots up to hot and stays there till i turn it off. on a cold day it stays dwn for awhile then shoots up again after a couple cars fine and not overheatin..what else can it be??

A poor connection to the sensor more than likely.

which sensor? coolant temp sensor or the one to the gauge?

The one to the gauge
Edison Carasio

My CRX did something similar.  I would turn the key to on but not start the car and the temp gauge would be in the red even though the car hadn't even been started in a day.  I replaced the sensor in the cylinder head right under the distributor, bled my coolant for good measure and it was fine after that.  I just went to the junk yard and grabbed as many of them as I could find.  just need tools to remove a dizzy and a deep 12mm socket IIRC. It's the one labeled gauge sensor in this pic.

If you're throwing a code, I guess yours might be the other one in the pic.  Maybe try replacing both and resetting the ECU? Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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