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sway bars

my buddy bought some front and rear upper strut bars front and rear lower tie bars and a c pillar bar for his hatch and i was wondering if anyone knew if everything but the c pillar bar would fit.


i think they'd all fit.

If its for a hatch or CRX it will fit a sedan..

ok cool. thanks guys


sway bars are not strut races

sway bars are connected to the control arms.

strut bars are bolted to the struts

they both do a driffrent job.

Do the  front and rear swaybars (not strut) for a hatchback fit our sedans?
I'm interested in buying Tanabe Sustec Swaybars. But I want to be sure before ordering. thx.
Kurosawa they fit?  Confused

Kurosawa wrote: they fit?  Confused

ME-B-N-ME wrote:
If its for a hatch or CRX it will fit a sedan..

As for as suspension goes, Springs, coil overs, strut bars, sway bar, lower control arms, CRX rear disc brakes, and so on.

thx! Wink

If you gotta 88 the rear lower control arms are different.. but if you dont have a 88 dont worry about it. Just make sure not to buy 88 shit if you dont have on  Cool

I have 88 lower control arms (eye mount)...
with a stock rear sway  bar...

That's why I wasn't sure it would fit... Are there after-market 88 -specific kits?

well then you know haha, why not swap out the rear strut, and lower control arm for a 89-91? Im sure you can still you the sway bar Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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