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EFfin Sedan 91

Swap quesitons

So I've been researching all the different swaps possible for our cars and I've narrowed it down to two based on money and my technical skills (plus I probably wont have any help). The ZC or the vtec mini-me. Now most people say the mini-me isn't really worth it, but to me it seems a lot easier. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I understand it's just a head swap with some extra wiring for the v-tec and MPFI. I have to do the MPFI swap anyways so that's not really a factor. Anyways, what is your guys' opinion? Would I be better off with the ZC or the mini-me? Keep in mind I haven't really torn into an engine before so this will be a first for everything!

I personally think an engine swap is easier than a head swap, less technical skills required as well.

If it's a DOHC ZC you'll be yielding the same power as a mini me as well.
EFfin Sedan 91

So the ZC would definitely be the better way to go?

That's what i would personally do, but the minime will have more power.

So bite off as much as you can chew.

The zc swap is a lot less technical. To do the mini me correctly you should also convert to obd1 and tune. I personally would not even consider the mini me honestly if i were you. Its too problematic. You will also be limited in the long run on cam choice because of the shallow valve reliefs of the stock d15 pistons and the lack of aftermarket support for the d15 bottom end. Back when I had my d16z6 del sol with only bolt ons i raced 2 different d15 mini me setups and was not impressed. Id say full z6 swap or the zc. just my 2 cents tho.
EFfin Sedan 91

Thanks for the info guys  Smile Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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