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suspensions issues need help bad

Ok so a buddy of mine has a ef hatch,  it was slammed on ebay suspension when he got it. He told me it rode like garbage. So I ordered oem replacement front springs, struts, upper control arms. We put on the stock suspension today. I told him he really needed to do the rear as well because now the car is sitting low in back and high in the front. He proceed to leave my house and 5 minutes later he showed back up said the car was not drivable and something isn't right. I took it for a drive (first time ever drove so I have nothing to compare before) the car does not have power steering it's a hx still has the dual point motor. It drove horrible. As I was driving the car and going into a turn it felt like the steering wanted to continue to spin to which ever direction with minimal input and I had to give it considerable force to keep the wheel from turning more than I wanted it to. I also am hearing a rubbing noise not sure if it's coming from tire or something in the steering.  Any help of.what this could be is appreciated. Feel bad the guys dropped 350 on stock suspension parts for his ride to still ride like poop[/u]

The biggest part of the problem is probably the alignment any time you change the ride height you need to realign the car.

lol did you put the left and right upper control arms on the left and right sides respectively?

you can install them backwards and it really throws off the caster which would make the car drive like a shopping cart with a wobbly wheel.

beyond that, absolutely sort out his rear suspension.  check the trailing arm bushings, they are probably torn too.  

then and only then, have the car aligned.  it will drive like brand new, assuming you inspect and change broken things.  I know mine drives incredibly well and it hasn't even been aligned yet, but all of it is pretty much new. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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