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Suspension and brake clean up

So I am swapping in. New tranny on my 90 lx this is my first major job on any car so I am learning alot I was just wondering since I got the wheels off and car lifted wat should I clean or replace suspension and brake wise any and everything will help so let me know thanks

i would suggest a maintenence and repair manual if you don't already have one (88-91 civic models). Haynes or Chiltons will be good enough. start by inspecting all the components for excessive wear, bushings cracked or rotten, nuts bolts tight (check important ones for proper torque), like suspension and brake bolts and nuts. clean as needed with WD40 or some degreaser. get a couple brass and or stiff plastic toothbrush type brushes.... just a few random thoughts. the book will tell you proper procedures for checking ball joints and rod ends as well as wheel bearings. replace the sway bar end links. pretty basic really, just think of saftey, astetics can come later. make it safe make it right and it will be much more reliable and you'll enjoy it longer. keep in mind most of these bolts like to break due to age and exposure, so use a good penetrating oil to loosen them up some first.   Cool  good luck Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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