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Sup guys?

Just introducing myself. I have owned an EF sedan in the past, thought I was out of the Honda scene, but after about a 5 year hiatus the bug has bit me haha. Don't have a car yet, hoping to pick up a sedan tomorrow actually. Glad to be apart of the community, looking forward to getting to know you guys.

Welcome to the site man, my names is Carlos. If you have any ?s just let us know
Make sure to post pics if you do get the sedan tomorrow.

Nice to meet you, Carlos. You can just call me BruhMan, or Bruh, for short. My internet alias haha. You already helped me tons since I've joined and I really appreciate it. Pics are a must. Meeting up with the guy this afternoon, if it's in decent shape i'm bringing it home.

whats up bruh man! welcome to the site bro. Ive been off the site for a few months due to family stuff but i am always drawn back to the EFsedan brotherhood. i hope you grab that sedan! again, any questions feel free to ask! welcome to the site


Thanks for the welcome! A lot of cool, and helpful folks on here.

Welcome man
Hopefully you got the sedan
cant wait to see pics
any questions just ask

Welcome good luck with the hunt for a sedan.

Thats a hell of a transformation. Great job! Forum Index -> The Intro...
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