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Stealth_Sleeper - forget rice burner, think pressure cooker

Hey guys and gals

This is gonna be a long process but hey i gotta start at some stage.

the plan is to build my 88 ef to be a sleeper. Pretty standard outside, but the fun will be in the setup.

Already planned out what i want to do, now just gotta source it all.

The plan:

full suspension
B18 Vtec - (i wanted to do the D15B, but the local scrap yards here just laughed at me when i asked
Turbo (i saw a neat stealth install at
Then for the cockpit - as original as i can apart from gauges and steering

Plus much much more......

Please be patient as this is my daily driver ( i cant get enough of the little beast) and i have a full time job to pay for the project.

I will post pics as i go (or remember)

EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome!  Looking forward to your build.


4dred6 wrote:

Hahhaha.  Cool

hey Stealth_Sleeper did you ever finished your project

oops sorry its over two years old. Forum Index -> Project Logs
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