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spring rate/ suspension set up (opinions needed)

Hey guys. So i just startd a new job and got my car back on the road from its sleep trynna find a smog place to hookitup.
Im going to do full suspension work first so for a DD
I wana kno what yu guys think would be a decent spring rate for our sedans running single cam.
(Reason isay tht is cuz opinions frm b-swapd sedans may be diff)

Also any whats a good coil/shock combo
Or coilover to run. As daily. But nice drop also.
Im looking into Raceland Ultimo coilovers..but still debating.


I've heard Raceland coilovers are garbage, but I have no personal experience with them. I'm running Megan Street coilovers on my single  cam sedan thats also my DD and I love them. Good luck in whatever you choose.

I'm running some autozone Gabriel's with Megan Megan coil overs and springs. Mine is also a DD and singlecam. The Gabriel's are F'n stiff! I hit corners like a beast with them and barely feel the body shift. No bounce either. AAAAND lifetime warranty all for $230...can't go wrong for a DD.

run kyb's an feel great with my coilovers. but im also using extended top hats. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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