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Some of my personal HDR work:

I recently started messing around w/some HDR photo's and this is what I ended up with.

Tell me what you guys think!.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Looks good, let's see some more Very Happy

I have a few more,Im still learning it more to improve them because I know they could be better.

A pal:

nicee good job all the pictures look sick  Wink

HDR is actually used to rid the picture of highs and lows in the brightness.  Alot of people play with the levels of the picture giving it that cartoon look though.

I think a true HDR is much more impressive, see if you can hold off the levels, and see what the pic turns out like.

Note the intense reflections off of the phone box, and the dark sections in the corners.

After being compiled with a brighter picture to eliminate the shadows, and a dark picture to eliminate the flare, it looks something like this:

The last picture with the EG looks pretty spot on, maybe a bit contrasty, but that's just personal taste.

I am some what aware of the real methods for working w/an hdr photo.But I like to mess around with the crazy look as well.Im ok @ using it CORRECTLY haha but im better @ messing around for fun.

I do appreciate the helpful info though thanks.

Here is some one tonight of my pals Yaris:

I am not some professional I just like messing around and have some fun is all.But any helpful tips and info always is a plus.

I wasn't havin a go at your work. Just thought it might've been insightful.

~Sp33~ wrote:
I wasn't havin a go at your work. Just thought it might've been insightful.

Oh def I took it in a positive way I even said thanks?.I like to get insight where needed.
I just do them for my taste since this is just a hobby.

It's cool, what kind of camera are you using? All your exif info has been stripped.

Canon powershot sd1000.

Good work i like the way you done this you should do more


i feel high looking at these pics lol Very Happy  Over all great job Very Happy  Very Happy  keep up the work .


Unreal man look really cool..
Is that done in photoshop??

I like the way it looks. .  Laughing Good Job. .
I'd be messing with that and taking pictures of everything. . . Rolling Eyes

Can you put up the a pic before editing of one of them to see the before and after

I used 3 different exposures to have this finished piece.[here is one of 3]



Ah very very cool man..

Do you shoot the  3 exposures with the camera or can it all be done on photo bucket?? Getting started into slr cameras and love this look Cool

Completely clueless though Embarassed

I use sometimes 3-5 exposures and no photobucket.I use Photomatix pro3 and then clean it up a bit w/Photoshop CS3.

I have a Canon 400D, and you can choose it to shoot 3 preset exposures if you hold the shutter button down for HDR pics.

Go Canon!

Yea my little cannon does it's job,but im getting another nikon soon.

What kind?

I have a canon powershot sd1000,I use to have a pretty nice Nikon but sold it back in 2002 but im planing on getting a simple D40. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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