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Some clutch questions

So I got my new tranny and a fresh flywheel so I figured I could spring for a cheap clutch kit and deal with everything at once. I was going to buy the 120 buck one from the autoparts store, but I can get an exedy on Ebay for 100. Would the Ebay clutch be a viable option if its name brand? Also the clutch in my car is supposed to be a fresh six puck. If its okay, could I resell it or reuse it with fresh bearings?  Question

I would take a look at your current clutch and consider just freshening it up a bit..... but if not the Ebay clutch from exedy doesnt sound too bad. I would avoid a cheap autosports store clutch cause they are normally pretty weak Confused

Yea I'd love an exedy clutch but I gotta find the proper one. Idk how many splines my new tranny has.

Has your engine or transmission ever been swapped or replaced?  If not then it should be easy to know which clutch kit you need.

Just put in my new clutch and it works fantastic. The new tranny sucks  ass.

grinds huh?

No there is no fourth gear lollol. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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