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solid cel, code 3 rough idle

alright guys, need  some help. i got my car running, but i have a solid CEL. it is obd0 and the ecu blinks a code 3. Map sensor. i have a jdm obd0 b16a (sirI) and hooked the map up off of a t on the back of the intake.(other hose from t went to fpr.) ran real rough. so i looked at my uncles da teg (intakes look similar). So i hooked it up like his. Now it is going from port on tb to sensor. Runs better but still throws code. idle is rough. i can unplug it and it idles smooth but high, also when this happens no throttle reponse. also when map is unpluged, it throws code 3 and code 7 (throttle position). So is map acutaly bad or i got something out of wack.

did you clear the engine codes between fixes?

yes, i disconnect the battery for 3 to 4 min each time. also i should note (since i didnt catch this before some how). when i turn the key to "on", fuel pump primes, CEL stays on, without the car running it blinks once. Code 1?. once the car is started and running, it blinks once, then three times. I always did this, i just didnt catch the code 1 before. the previous engine was same b16 and ran before with same senors no lights. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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