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SoCal BBQ Meet 1-31-10

Official FIRST
SoCal BBQ Meet

Sunday - January 31st 2010
10AM (set-up)/12PM (bbq)
Elysian Park
835 Academy Rd
Los Angeles, CA

This will be held in potluck style. Everyone who's coming put down your name
and what you will bring...remember we eat what's there! It'll be a little BBQ
get together for people to come down and meet each other, take some photos and everything.

No reving, racing, no loud music...NO DRAMA!!!
Police station is nearby,while the gathering is O.K we
don't want to attract anymore unnecessary attention.

The concept of this meet was originally made by Jon_D_Balla, it was
decided by the KnowMyHonda core group to turn it into an official
KnowMyHonda event. So we can get to know each other more on
a personal level. We can finally put faces on all the names that we
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