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So I got an ef...

Hey everyone I'm pretty new to the Honda game. I'm deployed right now so I have metric a** loads of free time on my hands. I got a 89 civic lx for like 300 bucks that has no rust and the engine is fried so I don't really wanna waste my time trying to replicate the oem set up. Can anyone point me in the direction of doing an boosted LS vtec swap? Or just a plain boosted b20b is another option I was considering. I was planning on just ordering all the stuff I need while I'm gone so I can just crank on it during block leave.
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Welcome!  What branch are you in?  Are you looking to retain the original motor or build another one?  Got any pix?

I'm in the army and I'm afraid I lost all the pictures of it when I switched from android to IOS. I'm wanting to do an ls vtec swap in it. My big question is rather than doing a mpfi conversion on it why can't I just throw a b series obd1 ecu in her and just run that. Or would I have to get a jumper harness. Like the mechanics is easy but when I delve into electrical and computers I just get lost. Please help! 😂😂

you will need the multi point for the injection system, duel point wont cut it. Its really easy to convert it.

So do an mpfi conversion. Also I should need a obd1 jumper harness to make the engine and ecu talk to the chassis wiring harness correct? It sounds right but I feel like I could be wrong so correct me if I am

yep, just need what ever jumper matches your ecu. I would get the jumper and the mpfi thing done at the same time since you will be down on the passengers floor board anyway Forum Index -> The Intro...
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