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So here is my 91 lx

Well there is my sedan! Not much but what can i say...i love them. Its my dailly and i enjoy driving it. I have a 03 and 95 civic sedan in the yard, both with ac...but i still like driving this one...even in 100+ weather! Needs some work but i got big plans. I think i need to take care of a couple little rust spot. Mainly on the rear driver side wheel well when you open the door it has a pencil size hole and rust. And then i need to pull the rear tails out and adress the rust around there. And does any one know where i can get brand new factory trim, window trim seal, all that good jazz?

Wow you have a clock in your dash! I haven't seen one before, maybe it's because yours is an lx? I know what you mean about loving to drive the sedan. I own a 2000 Si, but prefer driving the sedan for many reasons.

really? all of my ef's all years and models have had clocks.


yeah base model dx's... it was an option from the factory. I have seen a couple with and a couple without. Its not something we think about as being optional. Its like that dx's came without a passenger side mirror. Thats not something we usually think as an option but it was.

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