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Small Cruise and another EF sedan to add to the family

I haven't been on much lately as ive been busy finding parts and what not. I recently had my mom ask me to find her a daily commuter she wanted a EF sedan like mine. I of course hopped into action and found her a pretty nice little sedan. It's a 1989 white dx it has a couple aftermarket upgrades such as emusa lca,beaks lower tie bar,invidia n1 catback with a testpipe and a Yakima roofrack. Im taking everything off it except the lca/tiebar/si wheels she wants to keep those  Surprised . I also recently went on a small cruise with EFman so I snapped a couple photos and figured id throw them up here. There is a big old school import meet coming up on the 26th and a lot of EF's will be there so I will be sure to grab some photos from that as well. *Sorry about the pictures im using a crappy camera till I can buy myself a gopro*

The sedan I recently bought is the one with the ugly white center garnish


Ef love  Cool

I would of had my blue 89 sedan out as well if I was able to clone myself.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Good stuff man!

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Good stuff man!

Thanks bud

that's great man.

I love white sedan i think i want to change color now.


Looking good man I'm glad to see you got a second one Very Happy

I like it!!! well of course i do but i really like that you got your family involved in this. Brigs a whole new light on the sedan community when drivers introduce family, especially parents lol. Keep it up brother!!!

Thanks man appreciate the kind words. She really wanted a crx but we couldn't find one so luckily someone I knew wanted to sell this for $1200 so it was hard to pass up at that price. I also figure I can do any work on it to save her money. Hows your sedan coming dude any new updates?

No new updates really. Been working a lot of hours daily so she has been neglected Sad I'm gonna give her what she needs though very soon! And I agree with that deal. You can never pass it up, and if for some reason anything goes wrong, you know exactly what you are looking at! Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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