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sites being hacked by arabians.

dont laugh this is serious.a lot of sites are being hacked by a mystery person from saudi.1 of the other sites i use just got hacked now the site is useless.
the name at the bottom of the page says hacked by "HaCkEd by Mr.KsA"
or X@Mr.CoM


Thats crazy man.. I log onto that site pretty often!

That sucks. .
I hate those people who feel it is necessary to create viruses.
Really though!  Twisted Evil

wow......random people hacking random sites........interesting

that sucks i hatee hackers

wtf,wow thats crazy

Not jdmyo Crying or Very sad

If they get back up and running again let me know.. Met a good few of the lads a JAE... Lunatics Rolling Eyes  Laughing Forum Index -> Site News
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