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There's a Guy selling a jdm Sir front bumper with the hood for 200 obo, can i modify it to fit on my 88 sedan?

Well the bumper will fit with some spacers on the bumper support.
Hood might need to be trimmed on the windshield side. If both are clean and come with signal lights I would buy it

The hood wont fit, not even close.

Make sure it's an SIR HATCH bumper and not an SIR CRX bumper, because the CRX one wont fit.

Wish I could haz lol

alrite i just purchased a Sir front bumper for 150 bucks, came with lowering springs and a hood but i dont need the hood cuz i wont fit. and it didnt come with the lights Sad lol but i'm planning on putting it on this weekend Forum Index -> General Discussion
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