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SiR B16A swap

im dropin in a boosted b16A OBD1 motor in and just wanted to know what all i need for this swap...this motor was in a eg can i use those mounts?(no right?)...can i use the stock throttle cable? (90 dx 4D) this is my 1st swap into an EF chassis so i know nothing about it lol thanks for aNY help given. also if i need to know anything else that i mite need please let me know...i have the cable tranny rywire obd0 to obd1 conversion harness p30 ecu b series axles just didnt know bout the mounts and throttle cable

again thanks

B-series mounts
Shift Lingkage
B-series axles
OBDO0-OBD1 Jumper Harness
OBD1 injectors en clips
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