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Sidemarker install

So this weekend I got my EF sidemarkers from and ditched the wife to throw them on. Anyway Here's my weak attempt at a write-up.

I started with these dimensions I found on H-T(Credit to EggMan for the specs)

To make it easier on myself I drew out a template on a piece of 3x5 card using the long side as my molding reference.

Then I laid a few layers of tape down to protect the surface and draw my out line.

Then it was time to hack into my flwless fender LOL! I started with a 3/16 drill bit and then stepped up to a 3/4" holesaw just to get a starting point.(sorry no pics of this part)

Then I busted out my body saw and went to town! And ended up with this

After that I fed the wires through via coat hanger and tapped into the side bulb of the corner lamp. These are the ones that light up with the markers and blink with the turns. Snapped the light in and voila!!!

looks a little crooked in the pic but I promise you it's parallel to the molding.

Few random shots since I have never posted here before.

And the heart of the beast!

A few shots of the wifey's ride

And of course Daddy's little lady has to ride in style!

Thanks for the writeup.

Just to let you American's know, there's 2.54cm's to every Inch.



Nice car man..
Good write up..
Get a new pic of it fitted though looks really crooked in the one you have up Laughing

Updated pics!

Measured the Pass sidemarker over and over. The Damn thing is even all the way across! I don't know why but every pics I take of it looks crooked! So Ef*It the pic stays up!

Hopefully this write up will help someone out. I searched all over and almost every forums write-ups were old and the pics no longer showed up.

LMK what you guys think. This seems to be a pretty good forum. I've had 2 hatches in the past(89 DX and 91 Si) so I'm pretty familiar with the chassis. But for some reason I have been on a 4dr kick and had to get one! I love this thing!

Oh and feel free to point and laugh about the front end fitment. I know it's horrible! That is something I plan on tackling one of these weekends. And excuse my MaD Blingin 13's. Just thought it looked a little cleaner than the factory steel finish. I'm lookin to get some Rota Grids in Absolute Green soon.  FTMFW!!!

Man I think shes a cool sedan and a very good write up.
It has helped a lad here already since he was asking a few questions about this. Wink

Clean engine bay Cool
Type-S EF

anyone know the cutout shape for the S2000 side markers, those are what i am going to get.

Why would you want to do that?

nice write up, lol i was lookin for this and spee sent me here.

nice write up. good choice for a car seat. some car seat actually crack during a accident also heard stories of plastic pieces breaking off and piece get stuck on the kids head. keep the receipt cause some insurance companies only give $50-$100 per carseat after the accident.

Good write up. . i remember the first time i put the dremel up to the car. . it was scarry. . . .GOOD JOB!

LOL! I know! I was kinda hesitant to start drilling into the fender at first. But after the first hole it was no sweat! My wife came out while I had the body saw going and I thought she was going to sh*t! HaHa

I don't mean to bring back an old thread, great writeup by the way, but what suspension are you riding on? Your stance looks killer.

Thanks. It's dumped on some no-name coilovers with front and rear camber kits. The ride isn't too harsh but the flaps scrape just from the crown of the roads! Twisted Evil

good write up. thanks

Nice write up!

nice write up thanks for the measurements


Nice Write up. And i love the white on the factory wheels lol might do that to mine until i can get better rims!

^ Thanks man. 3yrs later I'm onto my 2nd sedan and used this write-up again for reference.

gonna try this today... hope its as easy as it looks

It's not that hard to do.

Great write up but I recommend using a dremel and a cut off wheel to cut it out. Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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