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Shout Out from Lil'Rhodey

What's up fellow motha EF'ers!  Cool

Calling out from New England. Rhode Island to be exact.

Been looking for place to get some advice on customizing my baby.

Here she is before it was stolen last year. They took the Si rims and my subs from the trunk.....bastids

Would have loved the EX over the LX and a manual tranny instead of automatic. But hey, the car was bought for me by my ex years ago, so you'll hear no complaints from me.

Now she's back to looking like this, unfortunately, until I can find another set of clean rims. Just not as pretty without the Si rims.

She's running at 241K miles, and still going!!

Some things I need to fix:
-New exhaust
-Replace all the dash vents. Not easy finding them in the OEM blue color. Can find them in black, which would do the trick, but I would much rather have the original blue color.
-Driver side rear window cable track broke, but will be fixed tomorrow. (fixed)

Some things I want:
- 99-00 Si rims (again  Confused )
-Light tint
-Lowered 3"
-Window louvers
-Clear corner headlights
-Euro headlights
-Subwoofers (also again  Confused )
-Front side panel clear blinker lights
-Swap to B16 Si engine (eventually) along with other engine upgrades. Not trying to create a racer, just give it a bit more power than it has now.

Well, that's enough for a into I think....

EDIT: Can't seem to get the images to pop up even though I put the right code in.
EDIT2: Got at least the thumb pics to work, but would rather have the full size image in the post. Can someone advise the best way of doing that.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Welcome, glad you found us.  Sorry to hear it got stolen.  That sucks but at least you got it back.  What are you using to host the pix?

Hello EFSedanEnthusiast..

Was certainly glad to get the car back, but not so happy about having to spend a few hundred, between towing and lot costs, to do so.

Found this site while I was searching around for a possible EF club around my location. Like I mentioned, looking for help with some customizations, and since I'm not a mechanic, some of the upgrades I'll be needing help with.

As far the image hosting, those are hosted on Photobucket. Though I also have an Imageshack account that I use currently for most images, it's just that those pics where posted to PB prior to switching to IS. Just haven't migrated the images fro PB over to IS yet.

Welcome. As far as information just browse though the site and there is more than enough information concerning a ef. Good luck with your sedan bro.

Welcome been down the stolen sedan road it sucks.

welcome!!  Very Happy   as far as information.....this group is as good as it've come to the right place!!   Wink Forum Index -> The Intro...
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