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Anyone used KYB GR-2's on their lowered sedan? I may go with Skunk2 but I can get the GR-2's for a hundred and change less. Either way, anyone have any suggestions? I know the Skunk2s are better but I'm wondering how well the GR-2s do really.

i have the skunk2 sport shocks with eibach pro kit springs for a eg.. veryyyyyy stiff ride but i like it!!

Sounds good, I wouldn't mind the stiff ride. The MR coilovers will probably stay but the shocks are completely shot... It will probably be about 3-4 months before I get them anyway. Got more important things to go broke on  Crying or Very sad

So here my 2 cents!! I've had tokico blues, illuminas 5 way adjustables and have had kyb gr-2. Really they are all the same beside the damn price. Gr-2 are oem replacments so pretty much stock struts and so are the tokico blues, so like I said I've had both and yes they feel the same ask anyone on HT and they will tell u get koni(which they have never tried before) but its the name that people think of when u ask for good struts, right now I have illuminas but as soon as they go out I'm going with gr-2. My suggestion is invest in extended top hats trust me they are well work the 100 bucks they won't make ur struts last forever but they will make ur car ride 100x better and give u alittle more life on them struts Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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