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Shifting problem

Hello, I have a 4gen sedan 91, and problem is then driving its hard to shift first and reverse gears, then shifting it looks like front wheels bums then driving.. Neutral On neautral gear then taking some aceleration shift knoob moving down.. Thats the problem ? Help guys Neutral :civic:

Maybe you have problems whit the clutch.
For the knob to move  when accelarating i think the problem is the motor mounts .

this happened to me too. i still dont know whats wrong with it but replacing the old tranny fluid with syncromesh helped a lot! new motor mounts and shifter stabilizer bushings might help

I completely did not understand what you are saying?

What does' "then shifting it looks like front wheels bums then driving." mean?  

I would check the transmission cable.. maybe there is slack...but until i understand what you are asking, i cannot help you...

I make a video to show a problem Rolling Eyes Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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