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Shift Linkage.. Need Help

So, I am in need of some good bushings for my shift linkage..Mine are completely shot... My shifter moves up and down way too much..

See pics attached? What can i replace this with that will last?
I have a D series motor, not a B.... Which linkage can i get?
Anyone recommend something?


Anyone modify their shift linkage? Bushings? anything?  Shocked

For the best results IMO I say go new oem. Thats always the best way or you can get good parts from the junk yard. We just pulled great shift linkage off of a 89 lx that I am going to use in my 89 lx lol. But if you got the money deffinitly new oem.

I ordered all the components from the dealership the other day. I will be getting it all together.

Also contacted RCAutoworks... They have a cool no slip linkage.

We'll see what happens..

That new no slip linkage is tight. I was going to buy that but I got the innovative b series linkage instead. Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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