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Seat Bracket 88 sedan

Alright. I have had this question for some time and didn't know if anyone had any info on it.

Where do i find seat brackets for my 88 sedan. I have been told in the past by 1 individual that the 87 civic hatch has the same seat mount style as the 88 sedan. Any info would be great. Wedge makes a bracket for the previous generation hatches but i dont want to spend 200 bucks for the brackets and them be wrong.

Ill see if I can take some pictures of my mounting points. They are all tabs bent down none of them sit flat on the floor like some of the newer civics.


i know for.the 90-91 models there are 3 bent mounting points and the inner rear lays flat.

so on the 88 there all bent? if so i never noticed, and also i have a 87 hatch minty in the yard now lmk if u need both rails are there.

You can always swap out the seat pan if you really want to. All you need is hog rings Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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