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sawp info ls1

Okay so I've been looking around and I can't find a sedan with a ls1 swap,  I've only seen hatchbacks and em1s with this swap.  So I was wondering does it fit in a sedan or no? I have a buddy of mine that's is willing to sell me his 2000 c5  ls1 5.7l engine, just say its a steal for what he's letting it go for. Anything will help!!!

anything is possible, but i don't believe it's practical. someone did that swap in a '96 hb (which has a lot more room in the engine bay) and it was still just barely fit. if you want it in your sedan, i'd so a mid engine set-up

I say no, but mid engine rwd would be sweet

say its different but a little impractical to me. Im not hating its just my opinion. In the end it will no longer be a Sedan. It will be a domestic... You wont be able to slam it. you will NOT have any traction whatsoever. And the speeds involved in this motor would tear your beloved sedan to pieces from the wind lol. I cant lie, I would cream if I saw this but to me its just not the best idea...

I say go for it dont make another cookie cutter car one of a kind is the way to go.

HondaJunkie wrote:
I say go for it dont make another cookie cutter car one of a kind is the way to go.

Very true words actually.

^^VERY TRUE!!! Very Happy  Be different stand out from the crowd! I mean you basically already did that by getting a sedan to mod....but hey! Razz

buy a fc3s and drop in that. a ls1 in old rx7s are fun. wished i had mine back.  Sad Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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