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Saddest thing I saw today in the junkyard...

1990 LX.  EIGHTY NINE THOUSAND MILES, spotless in and out...just look at this thing, I woulda paid $500 for this, broken timing belt and all...

So clean...

Back seat pretty much unused...

Door panel not falling off or anything...

89K on it, ridiculous it ended up here...

Even the pinstriping was pristine, date on yard 5-16-11...

FOUR BRAND NEW TIRES...hubcaps were even all there as of 11am this morning...

Made me so sick, I had to take pics.

I didn't have much money, but if you're within an hour of Waco, get down there and strip this thing.  It's gorgeous.  Waco Pick n Pull in Elm Mott, right off I-35.

All I got today was a set of trim rings for the Torino and a phone call telling me the EF I resold also has a bad clutch and the guy will never buy a car from me again.  I'm so sad.  And the Festiva also got sold out from under me.  That means I'm free to search for an EF again.  Anyone in DFW or Austin and in between got something you just let me know.
Dolie ED3

I want that usdm steering wheel Smile

If I didn't have soo many Honda's I'd be all over that gem!

FYI, this yard only charges $15 for a steering wheel and I do have a puller kit.

I'm headed up there probably Tuesday to hope the TB and TPS is still on it.  Need them for "bench testing".  You'll find out why soon enough.  And yes, it'll be a VERY good thing for at least 15 people.

Dolie ED3, YGPM.

I found this real momo wheel and adapter hub at the ecology for $7 and you dont need a puller for the wheels in our cars they come right off after removing the mounting nut

I'm in Round Rock, are they willing to sell the entire car?

Those blue plastic pieces look amazing...I need them all!  Shocked

213374U wrote:
I'm in Round Rock, are they willing to sell the entire car?

I wish.  It's a Pick N Pull branded yard.  They process paper by the truckload.  They have a 2000 Saturn SL for sale up front for $1195, but this had a bad motor so they stuck it on blocks in the yard.

Tomorrow is the day I'm headed to get what I can.  TB for sure, wheel if it's there, and whatever else I can fill my greedy little hands with on short money.

Update: most of the interior was gone when I went back.  All that was left were a few broken plastic bits, the dash shell, and the parking brake handle.  So yeah, someone definitely scored all those interior bits.

I did get the throttle body just in time for a guy to come by and pull the rest of the engine/transmission.  So I have my test unit I need.

That said, I have a lot of work to do.  And if this works I'll be able to afford to find a nicer car to start with than that red DX I almost brought home. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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