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roommates friend backed right into the Civic, pop the rear clips off, too late and dark to see what the damage is. Pick it up tomorrow with the forklift and see whats going on


cant get the clips in any more so the bumper sags, tail light is pushed up and the lil piece of metal under the tail light is bent up as well as a nasty mark on the bumper, Going to some auto body shops today see if i can get a quote

if u click on pic it gets bigger

quote 1 = $729.86 there not sure they can get the bumper cover

Damn. More than I paid for my whole civic. I'd get the money and run with it. Just takes time to find parts but sure you can come up on a bumper cover and peice below the tail light. Could of been a lot worse.

89ef2 wrote:
Damn. More than I paid for my whole civic.

went to different shop, he had some pretty hot shit in his bays, says can save the bumper cover and hes only wanting $620. Guy who hit me is just giving me cash.

Going to refocus on the civic, get the body work done get a engine build goin and all that jazz, guess it just took getting hit to remind me to finish this car. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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