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roll bar

does anyone have a roll bar that retains the usage of the rear seats? i am very interested

I can't think of any way that you're going to get a reasonably/functionally designed rollbar back there and maintin the safe use of the backseats.  Sure, you could rig one up where passengers had to climb over/under the rear down tubes... probably be enough room for them to sit back there too.  At least they'd be really, really close to the bars in the case of a crash.  Confused  Wink


what if the downtubes went over the roof and down on the speaker panels to stay away from the passanger area.

its possible hit up monkey bars or akimoto they were developing some custom roll bars ( mostly show cars ) not sure if they are approved by some race officials im sure there is a way cause i seen some primeras g20 other non ef sedans with rear access. but then again once you purchase it, its still considered for off road use only. sorta like K&N filter if filter is used for racing or off road million mile warranty is voided.

You could work up a cage like you're describing but it really won't be too great from a structural/design standpoint.  Is this for show or for track days?  If it's for track day events, why not just get a bolt-in cage and remove it between events?  If it's for show, then work up something like you're talking about since the design won't really matter.  

FWIW, the back seats are still going to be a dangerous place for anyone.  In a collision, there's a good chance someone's head will come in contact with the roll cage... guess which is harder; the human head or steel. Wink Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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