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RIP My short lived sedan :[

About two weeks ago, maybe a little more, my ed3 was totaled. There was no one else to blame but myself, and quite frankly, its pretty embarrassing. I was cruising, apartment hunting, entered a round about at around 35, hit the apex, throttled through as I turned to look over my shoulder to catch a name of an apartment, and BOOOOOM. Hit a 12" tall curb/divider that stuck out off the sidewalk.

All though the damage was repairable on the outside, the little  details and under body were totally screwed. I managed to push the frame where the bumper mounts back roughly 4-6 inches, crumpled the frame above the axle arch and just before the firewall. The dash was twisted in the accident, so the glove box wont shut and had to be forced open. The roof buckled slightly just above the B pillar, and the rear beam bent. It shoved the rockers up and made it VERY hard to open the door.

Just my luck, the friday before I had bought my entire 5 speed swap and strut bars.

Other than 2 broken metacarpal bones in my hand, I wasn't hurt.

I don't have to many pictures, but heres the exterior damage.

I truly miss this car...........................

Holy crap dude! Glad to hear your ok!

Ran into a round a bout in my 91 Hatch back when I was 16.... it also got totaled, I was driving too fast and my brakes locked up when I went to go around the curve.....

Glad your ok

Shit man really bad to see.. Was a really nice sedan too Sad

You going to go for another one again?

Ouch that sucks glad you dident get hurt any worse. Any plans to start over?

Damn!  Shocked
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Sorry to hear/read about this.  Glad you're okay for the most part and hope you get another one.

DUDE THAT'S YOUR 4DOOR!!!! I USED TO WALK BY THAT CAR ALL THE TIME!!!! I member the first time i saw it. i was walking with my girlfriend to the lightrail down the street so she can go to school! i even took a pic to find out what rims u had! lol here's the post

I know this was awhile ago AA but you wouldnt happen to still have the 40/40 prop valve i threw in with the five speed swap you bought from me?

ouff that's shit ...

if you sale your front links corner light ... pm me

wow that picture looks painfull glad your ok are you parting that thing out?

Wow thats sad my buddy did that same thing, totaled his mazda by hitting a curb. now its at the local pick n pull Forum Index -> General Discussion
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