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removing auto-seatbelts

anyone ever remove their auto seatbelts and have the a set of 88-89 seatbelts welded in? I'm thinking about doing this b/c I don't feel particular safe on the track with them.

Know I've seen it done somewhere on the site..

you dont have to weld the 88-89 just replace it with manual buckle. on the 90-91 seat the inner hold the power belts its a male studs i believe. or you can get the civic/ old prelude buckle that bolted on to the center floor. or you can just get a DC seat and 88-89 belts. btw the power seat belts will lock during impact even if they dont retract. ive got sandwiched to the center divider on the fwy only bad part about those belts my body flew to the driver window ( bent my door) then bounced back leaning towards passenger seats. get a four point much safer. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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