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rear tailights

Does anyone how to make your tailight lenses all red? cuz i've seen it before and i like the way it looks. i'm sure its like smoking them but just with red paint but i'm not sure?

First step- got to the junkyard

Second step- find a 88-89 civic sedan

Third step- remove and pay for the taillights

Fourth step- install them on your sedan

Fifth step- now you have a awesome car, Very Happy Jk

Yea I seen them too, I think they use some kind of tint film, but idk.

No they dont use that red tint, i'll try to post a picture of it,


That looks BA. I'd love to be red out across the back.

4dred6 wrote:

That's the stuff. I still know how to do that from my celica days. Everyone wanted full reds. Probably easier with 88-89 tails though. Lots if fine grit wet sanding and patiently laid thin coats. Might pick up a set of older tails and do this one day.
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I did this on my last EX.  I used 90/91 taillights and a 88/89 all red center garnish.  Sanded them down with 300 and then sprayed them with Testors transparent candy apple red paint.  I then cleared them several times.  It came out okay but if I was going to do it again, I'd use the following.  I know it's pricey but it's legit.;vxp=mtr&hash=item58952d9faa

My old EX

yeah i wanted to do that to my sedan, Thanks guys!

Hey this is the best diy i've seen. The pics are out of date but it should help! Forum Index -> General Discussion
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