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Re. b16a3 swap into EF

I just purchased a b-series swap that is OBD-II from a 00 Civic Si. I am a bit confused about the ECU that I will need to use. So I will need to get a P30 OBD-II ECU and a jumper harness that goes from ? to ?. No OBD-0 swap were in my area, and that would have made this process a drop-in install. Any advice from someone that has done this? Thanks in advance.

I used a p28 ecu and then used the obd0-obd1 jumper harness

But my motor is OBDII. I've read that the easiest would be to go from OBDII-OBDI. I want to get this correct so I don't order the wrong parts.

I have the exact same swap dude. and thats the combo that is in my car

88browncow wrote:
I have the exact same swap dude. and thats the combo that is in my car

Thanks. Do you mind posting your parts list so I can compare what I currently have. Thanks in advance.

now that i thought of it, im stupid.  I have Hondata which changes everything.

Ok. I've read researching but haven't found the right answer. Can someone who has a B16A3 swap, OBDII give me a rundown of the right parts list? He is what I gathered so far:

- B16a3 OBDII
-b series axles
-hydro tranny
-EK shift linkage

What I need:

-P30 or P28 chipped?
-B series mounts from a 90-93 DA
-90-93 DA thottle cable
-OBD 0 - OBD I jumper harness?
-Cable to Hydro tranny mount
Anything else I'm missing?



In case anyone is doing this swap, here is my final parts list:

- 16a2
- OBDI P30 ecu
- OBDII > OBDI jumper harness
- Innovative EF shift linkage
- Innovative cable to hydro tranny mount
- Innovative cable to hydro conversion kit
- 90-93 Integra DA rear t-mount
- EF b-series mounts
- B series integra 93 GS-R axles and half shaft
- B-series B&M shifter
- B- series DC Sports ceramic header
- 90-03 Integra DA rear axle-back

That is everything. Hopefully it will be back on the road by this weekend.

how are you able to use an obd2 to obd1 jumper harness?

Some improvements: Resprayed valve-cover, resprayed radiator stays, cleaned wires off firewall and strut towers, made use of OEM intake pipe coupled with a piece of my old Drag turbo kit:

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