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Random Stuff For Sale

Ok, this stuff has been in a box in my laundry room for the longest time. One man's spare parts may be another mans needs.
No reasonable offer will be refused. I can calculate shipping depending on where you are, so, send me your zip and i can give you a shipped price.

Front Seat Headrests. You can experiment with them if you want. I just don't need them anymore.

MSD External Coil Cap. Distributor may be working also, i really don't remember, I just remember removing all my MSD stuff while it was all functioning, but that was about 10 years ago. Also, AC relays. Also functioning. These were extras I had.

Grey seat plastics

Old set of Rear Rain Guards. Cracked and in mediocre condition.

Brand new Shifter boot thingy. Mine was in good condition, so i did not replace it.

Blue third Brake Light, lots of hot glue on it. Not sure what i was thinking, but i guess i was experimenting with it. Also, Stock A6 Camshaft, Two Dimming Switches, OEM Stick Shift, Two Bulbs.

Brand New Mugen MR5 Valve Stems, all 4. $100.00

Used 1988-1989 Sedan Hood.

90-91 Rear Bumper Cover with rear fog light holes already cut out.

Front 88-89 Bumper Filler Piece with plastic grill piece.

Lynksys router. Great working condition. Went to a cable modem, do not need this anymore.

All my old Pioneer Audio Equipment. All these items work perfectly.  I had them in my civic for many many years. Included is the 7" flip out radio & CD player, the brain that you plug everything up to make make it all function, A 6 disk changer, XM Radio Antenna. This works great with an external DVD player also. Unfortunately, I sold that separately. Again, it comes in all original boxes and it all works.

Here it is in the car with the face flipped out.

Photobucket is being a bitch right now and not allowing me to upload more images.. so, i guess that will have to do for now.

If you were local I would snatch that filler from you. Shipping it would just be a pain.. GLWS

I hear ya.. I remember ordering it from the dealership, and they got two completely bent before they finally got the hint to package it good. This one has no bends or issues... We'd be taking a risk shipping it unfortunately.  Rolling Eyes
EF Sedan Enthusiast

If you still have the valve stems in a month or so I'd take them off your hands. Forum Index -> For sale/Want to buy/Want to trade
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