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Radius rod trouble

So I had a prang in my car, not going into details about it.

Replaced the passenger side (rhd model) lower control arm, drive shaft and I'm having trouble fitting the radius rod.

It almost feels like it's too long as the bolt holes mate up to the control arm. I can put some force in and move the hub to the rear of the car and get the radius rod connected, but in doing so I end up with a heap of negative caster. This results in the drift shaft touching the lca linkage (opposite side to the ball joint).

The reason I put this thread on here is because in doing some research, I found a few threads on Honda-Tech with numerous people having the same issue when fitting their new radius rod.
I have compared my new one to the busted rod I removed from the car and both seem identical in length.

My next theory would be that the front subframe must have moved back or bent back roughly 20mm. I can't see any signs of it having moved, and both drive and passenger ends of the subframe seem to be the same shape as well. This leads me to believe it hasn't warped or bent.

Has anyone else had the same problem and if so, how did you resolve it? I'm having someone come to look at it tomorrow but if I can fix it before then, that would be even better.

Thanks a lot guys. If you need any other details, just ask.

The car is a 1988 ED3 sedan.

try unscrewing the nut all the way to where the bolt and the joint meet

Idk mine is like that too, the passenger side tire sits back maybe a 1/4 inch more than the left. The only way i think to fix it is take a spacer out on the backside, not the side you tighten it on. maybe these will work, i was gonna try these but havent yet Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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