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hey guys been test fitting my radiator in my sedan I have a full size radiator in it now but my headers won't allow me to fit 2 fans on the rad unless I go with slim fams? this will be my daily with h2b would I be better with stock with the slim fans or just a half size aluminum rad. not looking to spend a "mint"  was looking on ebay for some but wasn't sure how well they fit or the quality??

just don't wanna have heat issues

I have a vw scirocco radiator with the slim fan on the bumper side.

The fan is a 12" slim fan off eBay

The rad is aluminum and tucks under the core support

The fan is always on tho. Never gets hot. I'm from N.M. West tx
Very hot out here.

ebay it is thanks

I have the OEM with two FAL slim fans.
Not sure about clearance with the H2B, but i have had no issues.

Oem 90/93 integra DUAL CORE  RAD here =) love it !!! Not sure about your clearance tho Forum Index -> General Discussion
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