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Question about NRG steering setup

Im looking into a wood wheel setup, and am thinking NRG since they seem to be the most popular.

I was going to go with a non dish, and the low profile hub since later on Ill proably get the quick disconnect.

Anyone know if without the disconnect it will be too close to the turn signal levers on the sedan?

For me its a lot of cash to drop on something, so I want it to work perfectly.

Also ive heard that while the NRG hubs are good, the wheels seem to be hit or miss. Anyone have any experience with the wood wheels and know of the quality?

Ive searched around and gotten a lot of mixed answers...figured id ask more specifically to the car they will go in.


Thats specificly the wheel im interested in.

I have the nrg hubs and quick release as for ur question I think there's enough clearance and won't affect the turn signals I can check tomorrow and show pics. As far as the wheel I think that nardi one is sweet its different and classy

Will it clear without the QD?

I MIGHT want a QD down the road, but it looks like without it the short hub wont work, and I would need the standard hub.

Im hoping to order a setup ASAP but I dont want to order up a short hub just to end up coughing up cash for a QD when I dont NEED one.

Also what will I need to do to keep my blinkers from needing a manual shut off?

Thanks a ton!

As soon as my rack is good ill probably make a build and take the time to do a proper photo shoot

YOU BETTER!!!!! Very Happy

Haha I accidentally posted my intro reply in this thread...too many windows open!

well keep them open hahah the more the better, especially on this site my friend.

I ended up going with a MOMO hub off the classifieds here, and an NRG wheel. Pics once its all installed!

I relaised the short hub wouldnt work, and down the road I can get the slim QD if I want to go that route, although id rather just leave the wheel in the car.

using a ef/da nrg hub yes if you do not have a quick release will smack you turn.signals, so just piece it all together takes time but well.worth it. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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