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primmed sedan

got the car back together and all primed.. i wanted to drive it tho so i gave it a quik wash and here it is... first time out in 3 years. i really need to update my project log. lots of pics

the body lines are perfect... its just wet so shadows make it all look bad. lol door handles are now in and overspray and tape is all off the windows.

Not bad. Nice work. Im sure your happy it's on the road and you can enjoy it again!
EF Sedan Enthusiast

It's always nice having the body lines match up.  Did you shave the rears?  What color will you go with?

yea i shaved the rears. i didnt put any poppers or anything in tho. the interior in the back is all gutted anyway. i was always wanting to go with like a dark metallic green but now im lookin morei nto something light and bright.. like yellow maybe. idk any suggestions? Forum Index -> Pics & Vids
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