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power steering removal

trying to clean up the engine bay of my 91 sedan....have searched but cant find how to remove the power steering, is there anything specific i have to do or do i just unplug everything??

U can delete it all, but u gotta loop 2 of the hoses together forgot which 2 would have to look at mine and have another for an overflow type deal, unless u want ps fluid everywhere lol

The hoses run to the bottom of the alternator, on the rack an pinion. They are 10mm bolts and come right off. Buuut you need to be ready to bleed fluid like a French whore on her period after taking 5 days worth of birth control hahaha. Then the compressor needs to be removed from the front of the timing belt cover. That's not to easy because of the space.

psh I deleted ac and ps in 1 hour, and looped my power rack.

oh ok found some post on this im going to need a reservoir for it to right to remove some pressure right??? and what about the cruise control??

You're gonna delete the cruise control?

Wait why u deleteing cruise control?? An u can just use a lil bottle or somethin tucked down.

You don't need a reservoir, i've heard that it makes steering easier though. Make sure you put the reservoir on the right line though, i think one or two of the lines have a valve that prevents oil returning in the same way it went out (1 way valve). Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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