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Power Steering Parts with B20?

Sorry if this is a repeat question but could not find any info. about to put a B20 swap into my brothers 91 LX. I have the brackets for the AC but what do I need to get or use in order to keep the stock power steering.

some DA LS that convert to b20 use there LS power steering hoses bolts to there LS pump n bracket to b20.  LS and b20 head and block are same just a bigger bore. b20b and b20z head same just B20B = low compression 8.8:1, b20Z = High Compression 9.6:1

not sure if a DA powersteering pump will bolt using your b20 bracket, but then again most b series are interchangeable  but if you bought the motor with the pump already on it, see if a da hose bolts up to it cause nipple might be to big to fit in. i would just get a custom made power steering hose. if your motor looks like this only cause they cut the hose

only because the b20 pump has less miles

disconnect your civic  powersteering hose from the pump to the powersteering rack and have a shop mate those together! custom hose can go from 150-250 depends where. new hose at autozone cost about $100 for ef da,

other option is get a crv or DA LS power steering hose if it fits and also heard crv pulley pump might hit.

or just get complete DA  powersteering bracket, pump, hose. ( switch i did ) i regret buying a used hose at pickapart is a pain to take out lack of space and it winds up leaking.  

good luck!!!

heres a complete b20 with powersteering and a/c

Thanks, the swap was my middle brothers in a CRX so all the power steering stuff was gone. I have trashed so many DAs in the years and never kept any  of that stuff not thinking I would want power steering in a EF. Its my baby bros car and he wants to keep it all and not install a maual rack.

i dont trash parts or engines. some day i'm going to need it. at my parents back yard i buried a d16 and d15 3 piston down 2 feet deep. couple d series lying around nuts n bolts come in handy my b16 was put together by spare parts laying around the garage. hope the power steering works out for you! Forum Index -> Write Ups & Tech Info
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