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Powellys ED2 Sedan daily driver

she belonged to RDaltron a forum member off so I knew this car well prior to ownership. Sadly he sold her recently and lost touch, luckily for me I spotted her early and dived in to the rescue before she got part ex'd for some chavvy corsa or nova....

Heres his build thread so far -

I have added to this build thread ^^

Heres some pics of how she sort sat when i bought her, Minus the wind deflectors and front splitter (currently has a Volvo S40 front splitter )

- 1991 H reg
- La Mer Green G60m (Never seen this colour on another sedan)
- 160k miles

- D14A1 SOHC Dual Carbs engine
- Manual gearbox
- Power steering
- Wrinkle Red cam cover
- 16-16i center section exhaust with 4 Jap style backbox (Loud!)
- Spats front upper strut brace
- 15" Exip now fitted with Bridgestone 165/50/15's
- ED2 shocks with H&R lowering springs on the front and back (50mm Drop) - it will go lower

- Volvo S40 front splitter
- Amber sidelight bulbs
- Relocated rear fog light
- Flushed rear bumper (black)
- De-Stickered
- Square front number plate
- Shuttle side skirts

- Electric windows
- Electric mirrors
- Central locking
- Tegiwa Duraco gearstick
- JDM EF6 Crx Dash with single din pocket
- Corbeau fixed buckets seat
- Nardi sterring wheel and boss
- Black Crx carpet

So what next

Ive got a set of 15"x7J Exip mesh alloys fitted with Bridgestone Potenza's - Polished and refirbished.

Skunk2 shocks and springs to be fitted

Polybushed LCA's

Bodywork - off to the shop weekend of the 13th August.

Hers what the wheels used to look like

Exip 7j x15 2" dish.

I then took them to a metal polishers but they oxidised in the rain so took the tyres off and re polished them before fitting new tyres.

To start with I used a bit of cleaner (yes that is actually BBQ cleaner), old toothbrush, scouring pad and soapy water and scrubbed the crap out of them, I also used some Autosol Metal cleaner and buffed them up.




I also bought a touch up stick from Halfords (a UK motor factors) and cleaned up the little nic's and dinks.

Sadly havent got any pics atm of these dinks sorted out Sad

Ok so after buying some Skunk2 shocks off a guy from 4guk I quickly realised that I needed UK LCA's as the fork fitments obv wouldn't fit over the JDM loopeye LCA's.

So I picked these up off Maric from 4guk who has already had the pollybushed, ill get them hammerighted tomorrow.

Hers how they look with the potenza's on Smile hope you like..

Sorry for the bad pic quality.

Next on the list was the rear quarter panels, ive ordered them from, didnt realise how local they are (based in Malvern / Worcester) good price too 14 each and im off to the body shop with Ned tomorrow to get some quotes for the welding/spraying.

The build is now gaining some momentum, getting it ready for JAE.

JAE is a Huge UK JAP show -

Next on the list once back from the body shop (end of the month) is an underseal around the inner arches and hammerighting the suspension parts, keeping it fresh yo before I fit the shocks / spring's ive also gotta get the exhaust checked out as its hanging low.

So this is how its sits right now - Minus the wheels as im waiting to get all my service parts too new brakes etc but ill update the finished product soon.

Comments welcome Smile
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Nice build you have here.  How about a shot of the rear and interior?

Heres afew other pics

Heres some old pics the dash has been swapped out for a UK CRX 1.5 dash.

You may also notice the rear bumper was colour coded with fogs now filled in and sprayed black ready for the body shop which will again be colour coded.


Heres what they used to look like ^^

A few progress pics of the fogs and how it looks at the moment

Just a few random pics

EF Sedan Enthusiast


Ive still got lots to do to get it looking mint, mostof the parts I have in the garage ready to go.

Just had some new parts fitted:

Fitted Ek3 oem manifold (around 1 cm wider better power gain)
Refirbished GL 1.4 Gear box from a 55k GL.
New Nippon OEM clutch

next on the list is:


New Oil filter
New Oil
New Spark plugs
Fit 2x cone filters / remove air box
Custom cold air feed


New front Disc's & Pads
New upper ball joints
New Tie rod ends
New Energy Suspension anti roll bar bushes
Cleaned up sills, Krust (rust application) and full underseal
Underseal front & rear arches
Hammeright all suspension parts
Fit Skunk2 Shocks and springs
Rear Camber arms
2x rear 4x100 25ml spacers
Fit Exips

Body work,

Weld in new rear arches
Roll the arch lip
Spray rear arches
Spray rear bumper
Spray bottom of the doors
EF Sedan Enthusiast

That's a good to-do list.  Your rear fog mod has got to be the greatest idea ever.  I wonder why they didn't do that from the factory.  I may have to copy you on that one!

well my aim is to get it looking mint ready for  BIG show in September

JAE (Japanese Auto Extravaganza) we get a huge turn out.

Now the Sedan is getting quite rare in the UK as per our scrappage scheme not sure if you have heard about it across the pond but as far as I know there are only 5 or so on the UK forums that I know about plus mine.

Most of that list can be done on the weekend

Just waiting for the Skunk2 shocks to arrive and the break disc's and pads. the reat can be picked up from a  local Motor factors on the day as my mate has a unit and ramps

here when we changed the clutch and fitted a new gear box

EF Sedan Enthusiast

That's such a cool pic.

I love the color! and yea thats a pretty sick pic

Thanks guys

I have also just scored a 242 16i16 front Brake upgrade (better than the GL oem's)

242 calipers & Carriers
New Pads
& New disc's have been ordered


Got busy - Check done / not yet

PowellyEG wrote:


New Oil filter - Check
New Oil - Check
New Spark plugs - Check
Fit 2x cone filters / remove air box - Not yet
Custom cold air feed - Not yet


New front Disc's & Pads - Check
New upper ball joints - Check
New Tie rod ends - Check
New Energy Suspension anti roll bar bushes - Check
Cleaned up sills, Krust (rust application) and full underseal - Check
Underseal front & rear arches - Check
Hammeright all suspension parts - Check
Fit Skunk2 Shocks and springs - Check
Rear Camber arms - Not yet
2x rear 4x100 25ml spacers - Check actually fitted x4
Fit Exips - Check

Body work, - Not done yet !!!

Weld in new rear arches
Roll the arch lip
Spray rear arches
Spray rear bumper
Spray bottom of the doors

I will upload some pics soon once its a bit cleaner but safe to say it SLAMMED !!! Smile

And a few from a JDM meet on Monday.

and my personal fav


Lookin good man.
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Looking good, shit looking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

nice sedan!

Thought I saw this up for sale on 4guk.... Really trying to part with it? Bummer, looks fantastic
EF Sedan Enthusiast

How did it look in the pictures?  You may have come across the thread that he bought it from.

im glad i found this build. i wanted to know the tire size you used on the exip wheels. Smile

im after a brown interior and if its half swapped to grey black wanna swap?

mines mint...

Car looks good! I like it so far!  Laughing Forum Index -> Project Logs
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