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Post Your local Parts Yard prices

Figured this could help some members whos parts yards are bit(extremely) high prices and hard to find(locally). so post your yard prices heres my local yard prices and I have 3 yards to choose from with these and 2 other yards as well(will get prices for them too).

Uploaded with

Same prices as my local yard....I wonder?! haha. hey is there still an a6 in a hatch at one of the yards? I can't remember which one

Sometimes you can haggle prices at the yard here.

no and yes they are same prices if ur in monroe

nice prices

yep, might go there Thursday or Friday.

I need a good carpet Wink just tell me what shipping would be lol

ill let u know

4dred6 wrote:

32119, let me know if you spot a d16ya engine block. those prices are way cheaper than my local lot has.

went there yesterday, theres nothin  Sad Forum Index -> General Discussion
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