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Possibly my new DD

Sooo... A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (yes, no exaggeration there  Rolling Eyes) has this pretty slick little 95 Accord LX Sedan.. It needs minor body work and TLC.. But the insides are really nice,

Custom Si upholstery on the front seats
Stock leather back seat
Sun roof
power everything
custom painted trim accents
custom paint (looks rattle can to me, but it was done decently anyway)
Only one spot of rust that I can see right where the passenger 1/4panel meets with the bottom passenger corner of the taillight
Euro trash headlights/taillights (no offense, lol, I've just never liked that style)
109k miles
Tenzo R cold air intake
Matrix header/downpipe
Hot Ground spark plugs/wires
Apexi (I think?) VTEC controller (I'll need some serious schooling on these things guys I've never had a VTEC car and I do not wanna blow it up)
Automatic trans, boo, but no grinds or slippage...(not sure which?.. anyone know what trans it'd come with factory? or if thats the factory engine?)
Falken wheels (minor/repairable curbage on two other two are mint.)
Treadwear 300 Track AA Temp A tires with good life, cant remember what they are though

It's a little sluggish thanks to the automatic. It'll get a 5-spd swap if I get it and the trans gives me any issues
Rolling Eyes

It definitely needs some lovin but nothing I can't handle.. And it will be a trade plus cash for my Nova project car that I really can't afford to mess with anymore.. I started it up for the first time yesterday and the transmission I got for it is completely FUBAR. Only gear it has is Reverse... Tried calling the guy I got it from and his # is disconnected...

Anyway... Heres what you all wanna see... PICS! these are the only ones I took yesterday I'll get some more next time I see it.


thats the factory motor most likely the factory transmission. there is no need for a vtec controller they are kind of pointless. You are not going to be going fast enough to need it and if you were going fast enough you would simply use a tuned ecu, Hondata, Chrome, ect... my suggestion is to put as much of it back to stock as possible and drive it as a daily. You have a project car. When you start getting multiple projects at once the quality usually fades unless you make lots of money and live at home with your mom.


Thanks for the knowledge Matty, I'll probably just take it out and sell it online, lol. I'll likely keep the intake/exhaust as it is, it sounds really good. Not excessively loud but with a nice deep tone.

And yes I see what you mean about having multiple projects, my Civic was the one being put on the side burner and getting shade-tree work done to it.. Sadly.. But now that will change. With the Nova out of the way and the Accord as my driver I can park the Civic and take the time to do what I want done the right way.

I'm hoping this trade goes through.. I got that Civic two months and one week ago... The Honda fever is running deep in me now, lol, the Civic will always be the sexiest of the two, and the more invested of the two.. But I dig the hell out of the Accord.

Guy is offering me his car and $500 for my Nova. I can't expect to get what I have in the Nova out of it, but I still think thats selling myself short. I have what his car blue books for in the motor alone.. But on the other hand, his car drives mine doesn't... except backwards  Confused

Still debating it, hes got a title loan on it and will be getting the title back Monday. So, we'll see then..

Thanks again Matty.

Trade fell through... The guy wanted to swap even, got royally pissed off when he realized I wasn't going to. Oh well, time to find something that doesn't need a laundry list of fixes to trade on  Laughing
Dolie ED3

Your right about that euro trash lights!lol hate them to!cant understand the people that rockin them!

Yeah really... Especially given the guy went through the effort to paint the car a dark color. I would've went with a carbon or black housing... Or just smoke the factory lights... Oh well, doesn't matter  Laughing

It really was a nice ridin little car but it had a lot of little issues and things that need attention. The wiring seems to be a nightmare I crawled under the dash with a pen light last night when I drove it and it looked like it had been in one of Freddy Krugers nightmares.. Laughing

Lexus style lights we call them over here and are rubbish  teens tend to put them on there cars!!  
that model goes for pretty cheap over here aswell
Dolie ED3

Yeah,oem lights looks the best!thats my opinion.and these cars aint expensiv also overhere only road tax and gas kills you! pay tax for the weight of it and gas is on this moment very expensive overhere.1 liter you pay like 3 $.
Beter drive a light weight ed sedan with a 1.5 engine and young timer insurance(140$ a year) Smile

Yeah those cars definitely aren't worth the mileage for the amount of power.. It was an automatic, I'm sure that had a lot to do with it, but I stalled it up (gas and brake while sittin still) and put her on the mat as soon as I came off the brake... Horrible acceleration, lol. I was honestly expecting more from the VTEC F22... Oh well, lol. Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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