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Poor running

Well, I need some help! My son told me today that last night the car started running real bad and that he had to idle home last night. I go and take a look this morning and it starts and idles fine but will randomly have a miss. No noises or oil leaking onto the ground. With throttle added it has a very bad miss. Pulled all the plug wires and they are all getting a good spark. Once the engine is reved past 3500 or so the engine seems to run better even when driving the car feels like it is running on one cylinder till the engine rpm is up above 3-4k rpm but only with very light throttle input.....

Also I pulled three of the plugs, one was very tight and I didn't want to break it so I left it in. Any ideas?

alright!!!!!!!!!! thanks for all the input......(ha ha ha, sarcasim. got to love it) well i replaced the plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, air filter, removed and bead blasted then painted the valve cover and fuel cover thing...and now it runs better and is not leaking oil at the valve cover...... and it looks better too. oh i also did a decarb to too, love all the smoke!!!!! Forum Index -> Drivetrain
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