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ok so i put my new skunk2 coilovers on a brand new set of monroe struts..i drop my EF about 2.5 inches , looks clean as hell and i ant wait to feel how it is (i only put the front struts on not the rears), so i take it for a spin, rides nice and smooth for a little while but i hit the freeway and she starts shaking like crazy left to right really fast..crazy vibrations feels as if the lugs on the front tires are very loose and the tires are wobbling. HAS anyone had this problem b4 wen putting on aftermarket suspension? if so please help me and tell me wut is needed to replace. its getting to the point where its almost not safe to drive...also wen i would get on the gas into higher RPMS the shaking would not be present but as soon as i get off the gas i woul go back to shaking, i have to replace the axles for sure but i dont know if thats what is he problem, like i said anything would help. thanks fam Very Happy

did you change rims? balance your rims GET alignment. check your center hub in case theres that plastic hub ring might be out of place make sure all bolts are tight. bushings might be bad. good luck

Check the axle is in the differential all the way? Apart from that all i can think of is to check for play in the suspension components.

axles are bad, changed rims and didnt get an alignment or balance, bushings i have t check but suspension components are all tight and no play what so ever.

i stuck in eg axle in the ef and started to shake. so i bought ef axle i was told they were all the same it fits but didnt feel right. Forum Index -> Suspension/Brakes/Wheels/Tires
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