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Plasti Dip

Recently I haven't done much to my sedan because I've been too busy even to drive it but this weekend I have some free time so I decided to plasti dip my roof and moldings and roof here's some pics ill post more when I'm finished


EF Sedan Enthusiast


Loomin Good! That out of a rattle can? I have been wanting to paint my suabaru O.D. Green but haven't got the guts yet. Post pics once you are finished

yes its out of a can. It lays pretty even you just need a lot of patience and and be really careful when you unmask everything because it can lift the paint. The reason why I'm doing the roof is because it has some sunburned spots so I wanna make it look decent now that I'm going to start driving it again


LOOKS GOOD! i think ima grab some and play around with it

me and my uncle done the hood of his da, turned out pretty good. Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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