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Parts you deeply desire thread

I browsed that old "rare parts" thread and started thinking about how much I wanted some of the parts in there, especially that awesome "Indiglo" rear center garnish piece, louvers, and the EDM center console.
I think it'd be fun to start a tread for people to talk about things that they really want to put on their sedan, even if they aren't sure they ever will get the chance to do it.

I want ATV wheels/tires on mine. Be a fun trail ride.

jon_akers wrote:
I want ATV wheels/tires on mine. Be a fun trail ride.

Go full on 4x4 and you can go toe to toe with the "Bubba Metro"


Great thread idea. Might get moved to general discussion though...anywho, I really would love an underseat tray, the lovers would be ultra sick, and definitely.. definitely definitely want the JDM access side mirror covers. Brown floor mats like my buddy Jon as well.

All these items are still being sought out. I'll have to make my own mirror covers though I'm sure
EF Sedan Enthusiast

Louvers =

x2 ^^

civic 4wd like spee... something more of a realistic is a k swap.

Sweetness. Thank you sir!

EF Sedan Enthusiast wrote:
Louvers =
meant for a sedan?

Really want a rear window spoiler. Really bad. But more like the j's racing style for the hatch Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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