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Parking Brake, Rear Drum Adjustment

I am not unaware of the models works, figured this would be the best place to ask.

Ive been searching my issues for awhile.

I bought this DX EF sedan, 5 MT with a non-working parking brake.

I park depending on the condition with the transmission in 1st gear or reverse, since my parking brake is out.

Ive tried tightening my parking brake to full lock in 6-9 clicks, some say it should be 3-6 or 11, idk I havent gotten my hands on a service manual.

That attempt did not seem to work, so I over tightened it and it seems like my rear wheels still spin freely.

Though apparent my rear drums are dragging even with the parking brake off. DUH.

So I readjusted my parking brake and for now I am still leaving my car in gear to park.

I am out of day light and will revisit it again tomorrow, so I have a couple questions.

I doubt the parking brake is the only issue or an issue at all and I wish it was as easy as a fix as I thought.

Is the parking brake able to engage even if the rear drums are worn?

I plan on servicing them soon anyways but I am positive they should work even if worn to crap.

What problem am I facing here?

Problem has been resolved.

It would be nice if more techs were on here.

Problem was my rear drum self adjusters were out, drums full of rust and brake dust.

Spent $25 for new brake shoes and springs, and $30 for 2 wheel cylinders.

Full brake job, last parts to service will be the drums themselves but they can wait. No warping or out of factory limits on the inner diameter.

Good to know.

PandaEF509 wrote:

It would be nice if more users were on here.

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