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painted my buddies crx fender

It was black, rough, and rusty......the only downside is that i had to use duplicolor, in a rattle can.....its what he bought, but it worked
he only wanted it to look close to his OEM color, cause having one black fender annoyed him
Ill try to get better pictures in the day time tommorow. It came out super smooth, ha. For being rattle canned, im pretty satisfied


I really like the different locations that fender seems to be in.  Very Happy  Very Happy

Looks pretty good.

I'd prefer to have a black fender then a slightly mismatched factory coloured panel.

meh, a black primered rusty fender is ugly lol.
this color is only a little darker than oem color......maybe a little brighter, i cant remember ha......
Maybe ill end up painting the whole CRX....


Nice, not bad for a rattle can..
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that's what i said too Smile Forum Index -> Miscellaneous Pics & Vids
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