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Doctor Tease

Paint removal?

Bottom line, the paint job on my car looks like trash, I don't know who thought baby blue fading to white would look good....  At the time, I don't have the resources to repaint all of it, but I would at least like to remove the paint from the moldings, make it look a little nicer for the time being.  What is the best way to remove the paint from these other than chipping it off all the way around?

Safest way is to use hi grit sand paper. I would nt trust paint remover/ air craft stripper and all that stuff
Doctor Tease

Seems easy enough.  My next question: Should I make the bumpers all black or just do the molding strip?

imo color matched bumper look better with black moldings all around.
but thats just me.
Doctor Tease

Thanks for the input.  It's also less work for me to do.   Razz

I too need to remove the crappy pain on my bumpers.
Some of the paint is coming off, already, will hi grit sand paper will still do the job?

I would recommend starting with 220 wet and finish it with 320 wet Forum Index -> Interior/Exterior/Electrical
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